Fund Raising Director. Responsible for coordination of all fundraisers.  This includes business donations, player fundraisers, pull-tabs, raffle tickets, etc. 

The Fund Raising Director shall:

  1. Coordinate all activities that provide funds for ERYFA program, outside of the registration fees and apparel. I.e. pictures, corporate sponsors, etc.  
  2. Ensure that sponsoring organizations and funds solicitation meet the criteria set forth in Article IX of the Bylaws.
  3. Work with the Treasurer to ensure a full accounting is made of all money received and disbursed as part of the fund raising efforts.
  4. Provide adequate recognition to sponsoring organizations and for outstanding individual fund raising efforts.
  5. Establish fund raising and sponsorship goals in an effort to contribute to keep the registration fees at an acceptable level.
  6. Publicize ERYFA fund-raising events with Web Director.
  7. Procure and provide trophies, ribbons and other awards for the football program.
  8. Report all results of efforts to the board monthly.

Attend and participate in at least 75% of regular ERYFA Board Meetings, and must attend all season start-up events and trainings.