Equipment Director.  Responsible for all aspects of equipment management.  This includes procurement, distribution, collection, inventory, storage, etc.  Equipment includes team practice and game equipment.

Equipment Director shall:

  1. Procure and cause to be repaired all ERYFA equipment.
  2. Maintain updated records of equipment inventories for all ERYFA activities.
  3. Disperse all equipment at the beginning of the season and receive all returned equipment at season′s end and ensure its proper storage.
  4. Disperse equipment as needed during the season to Directors and coaches.
  5. Collect price quotes on all contemplated ERYFA equipment purchases in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) unless exempted by the Board of Directors and select appropriate suppliers.
  6. Be ERYFA’s single point of contact for purchasing of ERYFA equipment.
  7. Work with level directors for annual disbursement and collection of equipment. 
  8. Attend and participate in at least 75% of regular ERYFA Board Meetings, and must attend all season start-up events and trainings.