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League Information

Elk River Youth Football Association

The Elk River Youth Football Association (ERYFA) is volunteer run organization dedicated to offering young people in grades 2nd through 8th an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football, the value of teamwork and to have fun doing it.

The program has been designed,  to contribute to the development of the players:

Sense of Achievement

Leadership Skills

Sense of Teamwork

Positive self-image

Moral Principles

Appreciation of what the body can do

Social Skills

Understanding the character a person needs to have on and off the football field.

We are committed to providing an opportunity for as many children as possible to participate in football under the rules of the league.

Elk River Youth Football Mission Statement

The mission of Elk River Youth Football is to provide a fun athletic

experience while teaching our players specific and general footballs skills.

We want both parents and players to enjoy this introductory level of football!

Elk River Youth Football Philosophy

Elk River Youth Football Association (ERYFA) is a youth football organization that was formed to give the youth of the Elk River Area an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and play the game of organized football. ERYFA is comprised of an all-volunteer team of people who believe in the positive life lessons that can be learned through playing football. We are committed to creating a positive and fun experience for every player. The Elk River youth football program starts in 2nd grade and runs through 8th grade.  We are an inclusive program. Every player who decides to play will be part of the team. 


Webster Dictionary defines Sportsmanship as: “Conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) that is becoming to one participating in a sport”. 

ERYFA reminds all parents, players and coaches to practice good sportsmanship. You are representing our community. We teach our children by example.  It’s a simple as remembering the motto below: