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Key Dates

Elk River Youth Football - Key Dates for 2021

Key Dates are subject to change at any point in time.

Due to Covid All Dates are TBD.


Elk River Youth Football Key Dates

Date Event Location Time
5/1/21 Registration Opens- All online
6/21/21-7/11/21 $25 Late Fee Applied online
7/5/21 Tackle Bar Registration Closes (2/3rd Grade) online
7/11/21 Registration Closes (4-8th Grade) online
7/11/21-7/17/21 Coach Interviews TBD TBD
7/19/21-7/20/21 Weigh-ins (All Grades) TBD TBD
8/2/21 Coaches Clinic (2/3rd Grade) TBD TBD
8/2/21-8/4/21 Group Practice (7/8th Grade) TBD TBD
8/9/21-8/10/21 Evaluations (2nd-6th Grade) TBD TBD
8/9/21-8/11/21 Group Practice (7/8th Grade) TBD TBD
8/16/21 Practice Begins (All Grades) TBD TBD

What to do if you miss Weigh-Ins and/or Evaluations?

Parents...registered kids NEED to be at weigh-ins and evaluations. However, we understand that vacation time happens in August. Here's what you do in the event your child cannot be at weigh-ins or evaluations.

  1. If your child cannot make weigh-ins, your child must weigh in the first night of evaluations.  (No evaluations will occur without weigh-in information completed)
  2. If your child cannot make evaluations, your child will still be added to a team. 
  3. If your child cannot make both weigh-ins AND evaluations, send an email to the respective Director to organize a time and place to meet with the director and weigh-in.
  4. But if nothing gets figured out and your child cannot get weighed-in or evaluated, he/she will definitely be placed on a team.  

Directors with email links are below:

  • 2nd/3rd Grade =Dave Widell
  • 4th - 6th Grade =Josh Sasse
  • 7th/8th Grade = Gary Kowalkowski

The weight of your child determines whether they can carry the ball or not. Teams have a certain number of ball carriers, and teams have a certain number of non-ball carriers.