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Volunteer Hours (Dibs)

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer (Dibs) hours: In addition to supporting our young athletes, each family will be asked to help out in league activity for five (5) hours. Please note, this requirement is per family, not per player. Families can opt-out of this volunteer requirement by paying $250 during weigh-ins. Opportunities include pregame & postgame field set up, running the chains and down markers during games, etc. League-wide volunteer opportunities will be posted on DIB's or see league-wide opportunities listed below.

Checks for $250 from player parents will be collected prior to season, at weigh-ins. The check will remain uncashed until the season end. If the family volunteer hours have been completed, the check will be shredded.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, and ERYFA Board Members are exempt from the family volunteer hours as they complete their hours in these roles.

If you have tried to sign up for volunteer hours but were unable to due to availability, there will be several other opportunities to fulfill your volunteer hours on the field with the team.

There are two ways you can fulfill your volunteer hours:
League level: these are posted on the website and available for you to sign up for.  These hours consist of several opportunities working with the league at either evaluations or the Jamboree.

Another way to fulfill your volunteer hours is at a Team level. This may consist of volunteering to hold/move chains at one of the games or perhaps volunteering to be the Team Manager.  This may vary depending on your teams needs.  You will not find these hours available on the website to sign up.  Please speak to your Coach or Team Manager about what opportunities are available.

League Level:

Board member
Assist with the evaluation day
Game field set-up & tear down
Chain Crew
Assist with the Jamboree

Team Level:

Team manager
Team coach (Head or Assistant)
Team photographer
Team videographer
Practice helper
Stat tracker

Steph Kleffman

Events / Vounteer Manager

If "No Items Found" is shown, all available Dibs are signed up for and therefore not available


- Both available and those that have been signed up for...