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League Information

Elk River Youth Football Skills Development League!


The Elk River Youth Football program is excited and honored to partner with the Elk River High School Football program in our effort to further develop kids in the sport we all love. The high school program is sending TEN varsity coaches to partner with existing youth coaches to train and work with kids in skills development in what we call the 2020 Elk River Youth Football Skills Development Season. We could not be more excited about this partnership and the willingness on behalf of the varsity program to help ERYFA offer the best skills development program in the Twin Cities.
Every Tuesday and Thursday from August 25th – October 1st (2nd /3rd grade: 75-minute sessions and 4th – 8th grade: 90-minute sessions), Elk River Varsity and youth coaches will partner and work directly with kids in the areas of:
·      Quarterbacks — Stance, Exchange, Drops, Set-Up, Sprint Out, Play Action, Screens, Ball Handling, Reading Defenses, and Field Leadership
·      Wide Receivers — Stance, Start, Release, Route Running, Cuts, Receiving, Blocking, and Reading Defenses
·      Running Backs — Stance, Start, Ball Handling, Ball Security, Pass Protection, Run Blocking, Route Running, Play Action, Screens, and Reading Defenses
·      Tight Ends — Stance, Start, Release, Run Blocking, Pass Protection, Route Running, Receiving, Ball Security, and Reading Defenses
·      Center — Stance, Snap Accuracy, Reading Defenses, Run Blocking and Pass Blocking
·      Cornerback — Stance, Reading Offenses, Anticipating the QB, Backpedaling, Executing Single and Zone Coverage, Disrupting Pass Routes, Shedding Blockers, and Tackling
·      Defensive End — Stance, Reading Offenses, Shedding Blockers, Tackling, Rushing the QB
·      Guard — Stance, Reading Defenses, Speed Blocking and Pulling, Run Blocking and Pass Blocking
·      Linebacker — Stance, Reading Offenses, Rushing, Tackling and Blitzing
·      Safety — Stance, Reading Offenses, Disrupting Pass Routes, Backpedaling, and Tackling
·      Offensive Tackle — Stance, Reading Defenses, Protecting the Blindside, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking, and Tackling
·      Defensive Tackle — Stance, Reading Offenses, Run Stopping, Pass Rushing, Gap Coverage
To name a few!!