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2nd & 3rd Tackle Bar League

2021 2nd & 3rd Grade Tackle Bar Registration Now Open!!!

What is TackleBar? (Click Here for Video)

TackleBar football is the best of both worlds! The kids wear full pads, run real plays, learn the proper technique of tackle football, but avoid big hits by using tackle bar equipment instead of tackling to the ground.

Why TackleBar?

Like you, we love football. We think it is the greatest game ever invented and want to see every kid play! However,  we know that it can be a little intimidating and not everyone is ready to jump into full tackle.  That is why we are championing TackleBar! 

Tacklebar allows kids to get a taste of real football but avoid the big hits at a young age. They can try out TackleBar for a few years to see if they enjoy it enough to continue to the next level. The best part is, because it mimics tackle football in every way except the collisions, players won't fall behind those who play full tackle! 

Philosophy and Goals

This will be a developmental league. We have 4 goals. 

1. Stay Safe

2. Have Fun

3. Learn  Real Football Skills

4. Develop a Love for the game

Who Can Play?

This program is open to any 2nd and 3rd grader in Elk River (boys and girls). 

Additionally, Elk River Youth Football is proud to open our doors to anyone in the surrounding communities! That's right! If you are willing to make the drive,  we would love to teach you!  You can play here for a year or two, develop friendships, learn real football, and go back to your program a better player.  

This program will be open to the first 75 kids who sign up due to limited Tacklebar Equipment.  


We know what you are thinking, "This program sounds too good to be true. It must cost a small fortune." But no!

The cost for an entire season, with a jersey,  is only $125! 

Players will be responsible for their own football equipment. We will provide the TackleBar gear.  

Schedule - Games

TackleBar regular season games and practices will be 3-4 nights a week, Monday-Thursday, with no activities on the weekends. The only exception to this may be a jamboree one day on a Saturday or Sunday. 

All games and practices will be played in Elk River.

With our focus on developing all kids instead of winning records, no score will be kept. Games will be refereed by the coaches who will already be on the field helping the kids stay organized and run plays. 



Player/Parent Provided:

1. Helmet and Mouth Guard

2. Shoulder Pads

3. Pants (we will let you know the color)

4. Knee, Thigh, Tail, and Hip Pads

5. Cleats

6. A protective cup is highly recommended


Elk River Youth Football will provided:

1. Jerseys 

2. TackleBar Equipment


Registration is open!! Click Here to Register.